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Sunshine, Big Sky & Grass... A Natural Winner


Basic Grass Fed

Simply put, cattle are ruminant animals. They have four stomachs and have evolved to eat grass and convert it into protein (beef). The modern beef production system uses a diet high in corn to quickly produce fattened beef cattle. This can cause digestive problems for cattle, called acidosis (heartburn), abscessed livers, etc. These feedlots confine cattle to concentrated pens, use steroids to increase performance and antibiotic additives to prevent sickness from stress associated problems. We never use these additives.


By grass fed, we mean grass finished. Our cattle have never been confined in commercial feedlots, instead remaining on pasture dining on grass (100% Free Range) or hay their entire lives. Our cattle have not been given steroids or antibiotics. Our beef is USDA inspected at slaughter.

Grass-fed beef is lower in fat, has more Omega-3 fatty acids (these are formed in green leaves), has more vitamin e and CLAs (conjugated linoleic acid, a cancer fighter) and is better for you, better for the animals, the environment, and the local economy. A grass-fed steak is about 100 calories less than a grain fed steak, has about the same fat content as skinless chicken, deer, or elk.

We would love to be your primary source of delicious beef!!

Are you certified?

Of course. By the USDA, to only provide grass-fed product. There’s a lot of lingo out there, all natural, nature’s best, organic, etc., etc. Our label says grass-fed and that’s it. We are not organic (yet). A lot of the grass-fed product in large grocery stores is imported from Australia and New Zealand. Who certifies them?


Dry Aging…What?

Aging beef allows it to naturally tenderize. Our beef is aged 21 days, then processed into cuts. When beef ages, naturally occurring enzymes in the meat break down microscopic white muscle fibers thereby making it tenderer.

In today’s fast paced world meat is shipped from large slaughterhouses directly to the store counter with no time for aging. Our way is better!!!

What the heck are you doing?

I’ve spent my life in the cattle business. From conception to consumption I have worked and witnessed all of it. In the concentrated part of the industry, producers (ranchers and cattle feeders) struggle mightily to make a living because all of the profit margin is made by the 3 largest cattle processors and the meat middlemen and retailers. While my volume is low now, perhaps more and more customers will enjoy our product, tell others, and we can make some money along the way. America!


If you want a special box of assorted cuts that we haven’t offered, just email I will make it happen! I’ll get you a quote, figure the shipping and collect your payment via PayPal. Easy peasy.


At this time FedEx 2nd day air is our choice. It is more costly but your product arrives on time. We ship on Monday or Tuesday so it is delivered during the business week. Holidays can slightly alter this schedule. I can ship 2 day ground at a lower cost to areas limited to that, generally MT, WY, ID, UT, NE, SD, and ND. Shipping costs are variable depending on package weight and where you live. We will deliver free to your door in and near Bozeman.

Special Circumstances

Dang it, we’re out of that! No worries, we have more product coming soon and will let you know an estimated availability time.

Where is the beef processed?

Locally. By USDA inspected small family owned processors in Butte and Columbus, Montana.

Is there a minimum order size?

No. We are flexible.

What about cooking it?

Grass-fed is leaner, does not require anything special, just avoid over cooking. If you prefer a more well done item, may we suggest using light braising sauces to help retain the moisture but not mask the great taste of the cut?

Lately, I’ve been using the Sous-Vide method of cooking in hot water, then searing before serving, and it is excellent. I received an Anova Sous-Vide cooker for Christmas and it is a great tool!! Check out or or and of course You will be happy, happy, happy using this cooking method!!

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