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Sunshine, Big Sky & Grass... A Natural Winner

-   ABOUT US  -

My commitment to you is “Exceptional Quality…Always”.  I have 38 years of experience in the cattle business, my knowledge of every aspect of production from conception to consumption, can only result in a better, more consistent product that you, our customers, demand and deserve. Thank you in advance for your patronage and enjoy our wonderful product!

  • I grew up on an Iowa farm when everyone raised beef, pigs, chickens, corn, soybeans, oats and hay

  • BS in Animal Science, Iowa State University

  • Worked for a meat purveyor while attending college, worked summers in a cattle slaughter facility doing everything from stockyards to the cooler.

  • My experience assures you of receiving the finest grass finished product available

  • I have bought and sold well over a million cattle. I have summered cattle on grass, been involved in transportation and safe handling techniques and worked with feedlots

  • I have seen the mortality, morbidity, and use of antibiotics in commercial cattle production, recognizing there is a better, more natural way of production

  • Producing grassfed beef is so much healthier for the cattle and you, the consumer. I am committed to this drug and hormone free production. You have my word our beef is as natural as grass and sunshine.

  • What sets us apart is the degree of finish and size the animal must be at slaughter. Others use lighter, smaller animals without the degree of finish necessary to produce a consistent, high quality eating experience. Our beef is higher marbled, our steaks are larger, our ground beef is the finest on the market.

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